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Macon House of Prayer is open to anyone who would like to come into the Prayer Room or attend any of our other services throughout the week.For those interested in serving Macon House of Prayer as intercessors, on worship teams, and in helps ministries, there are three different levels of involvement, which are defined below. The majority of the operations of the House of Prayer are run by those who have made a commitment to become intercessory missionaries.

Intercessory missionaries are those who have committed to prayer and fasting as the central focus of their life and ministry. Their first priority is to help maintain the prayer sanctuary and to operate in the “Anna anointing.” They raise their own support through partner development. They are the modern day equivalent of Levites and gatekeepers in the tabernacle of David…

Different Designations of Involvement

Full Time Staff

An intercessory missionary who has committed to serving the Lord through 40+ hours of weekly prayer room involvement and helps ministry. These 40+ hours are divided into 20+ hours in the prayer room and 20+ hours in service/team building.

Part Time Staff

An intercessory missionary who has committed to serving the Lord through 24+ hours of weekly prayer room involvement and helps ministry. These 24+ hours are divided into 12+ hours in the prayer room and 12+ hours in service/team building.

Getting Involved with the Worship Teams

Worship is a vital part of the Macon House of Prayer. Even as those in the Tabernacle of David were “trained and skilled musicians for the Lord”   (1 Chr. 25:6-7), we want to pursue a spirit of excellence in our worship.  There are many opportunities for musicians and singers to participate at Macon House of Prayer.  Please contact Bryan Holder, Worship Director ( for additional information.


All are welcome to partner with us through financial and prayer support. Macon  House of Prayer is a 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization. If you are interested in giving to MHOP please follow the link below.

Give a One-Time Gift to Macon House of Prayer

Interested in becoming a Partner? Email us at


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The Intro to IHOP-Macon Internship has renewed the way I view God. Before the internship, I had a tough time praying. I distanced myself from God because I thought He was mostly disappointed and angry with me. But as an intern I spent time before God– just Him and I. The presence of Jesus changed my life. As I allowed the Holy Spirit to wash my mind with the Word, I saw that God was a gracious Father who enjoys being with me. He desires for me to ask Him my questions and He is faithful to answer each one of them.


My experience in the Yearning Internship was life changing.  The closeness that I had with the other interns was rare and something I will always remember.  Looking back, the most transforming thing about the internship was the time I spent in the prayer room.  The Lord used this consecrated time to heal wounds and has brought me into a closer walk with Him.


I went through the 3 month Intro to IHOP-Macon Internship in August.  It was a season of my life where I was set apart unto the Lord.  I grew in a deeper relationship with Jesus learning how to meditate on His Word and hear His voice.  Sitting hours a day before the Lord really softened my heart and increased the spirit of revelation and the knowledge of God activating in my life.  I highly recommend anyone who wants to grow in a deeper intimacy with God to take a season out of your life and do the internship.  You will never regret it.


Internships FAQ

How do I apply for an internship? Applications are available to download online here (please link to downloadable application) or at Macon House of Prayer.

What does an intern do? Interns spend their time in the prayer room, in classes, team building, and various hours spent in serving at Macon House of Prayer, as well as weekly bible study groups, weekend intensives, and conferences.

What are the interns taught in the classes? We teach core classes on Christology, intercession, the book of Revelation, intimacy and the Song of Songs, as well as covering material on fasting, meditation on the Word, and the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle.

How much does the internship cost? The internship cost is $250-$350 which covers tuition, Macon House of Prayer conferences/weekend intensives, required books and materials. Housing is not included in the tuition.

Does Macon House of Prayer have intern housing? At this point, we do no to offer housing for the interns. All interns must find their own housing before coming to the internship.  Please contact us if housing cannot be found.

Do I need a car or a laptop? All interns must be responsible for their own transportation. A laptop computer is not required.

How many hours a week is the internship? The internship is about 50 hours a week.

Can I have a job during the internship? Because the schedule is so heavy, it would be almost impossible to have a job during the internship.

What is your dating policy for interns? The interns are not permitted to date during the internship; it is to be a season of consecration, devotion and commitment.

Internships Contact

For questions or more information contact: Phone: (478) 405-0050